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BellaGraphic's by SondraJay

BellaGraphic's by SondraJay BellaGraphic’s by SondraJay is a Multi-Media Design Firm specializing in the Rural Public Transportation Industry. Our sole intent is to bring your program into a better public and political light through an individually tailored marketing campaign. Our staff consists of Artists, Multi-Media designers, and Public Transportation Professionals. This gives us a unique perspective of your needs, and the technological expertise to bring it to fruition. Our Mission is to take the Marketing of your service off your plate. We'll do this by; assisting you in identifying funding sources, providing the technical expertise of current industry standard software, and providing the Multi-Media development team to do the work for you. Public Transportation is an industry constantly struggling with an identity crisis. With its survival largely dependant on government subsidies, marketing this service is lost in the shuffle. Rural providers find it nearly impossible to effectively market their service due to lack of resources, technology, and most of all compliance technology issues.  BellaGraphic's is a New York State Certified MWBE small business!

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"Time" is something Rural Transit Managers have very little of. Their focus, and rightfully so, is  on expenses spiraling out of control, the needs of growing senior & disabled populations, present day security concerns, maintenance, on time service, and an increasing interest among the human service industry who look to public transit for a way out of their own growing transportation budget concerns.


Often in the Rural Public Transportation Industry, funding sources are available to assist with new technologies that produce quality products to better market your program. Improving transportation's image and visibility is essential, but difficult to do when you do not have the time to learn new technology, find funding, and manage a transit program all at the same time. Help is needed and that's where BellaGraphic’s by SondraJay comes in.

 We will work in coordination with your municipality, and transit staff to produce a product acceptable to all based on your preferred direction, or if you wish, we will create a direction for you.